We launched Hypervote module

> New module Hypervote <<

Hello mate,

Instagram is trying to stop the automation activity in every way. This has caused many accounts to have trouble using automations.
The Masslooking activity module is not working correctly, so we have curled the curl, we have created the Hypervote module. It is a module that looks at stories just like Masslooking did, but also answers surveys, questions, etc.
The main problem of masslooking is that instagram does not mark the stories as views, it has blocked this API function, but instead it is marking the survey responses, since it is a more human behavior.

The module is not activated by default, if you want to activate it send us an email and we will activate it for your account. We have to be careful because the problem is when a module is successful Instagram blocks the functionality in the API.

We hope this module will last much longer since we are the first to implement it.
The results are amazing. To configure it is done in the same way as the Masslooking module, and if you want to activate the answers to questions you must add at least 20 answers.

Thank you all for your patience and for understanding that it is increasingly difficult to overcome Instagram filters. We work hard to offer you increasingly complex solutions.

What Will You Get?

Thousands of new visitors 
Up to 100,000 visits per month.

Getting into “Recommended”
You will be shown in the recommendations to everyone who visits your page.

Growth of all metrics
Growth of coverage, likes, views of your stories and number of subscribers.

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