How to get followers with Instabow

Our Instagram bot is the main service of Instabow. This bot, uses the targets that you set for it to follow the other pages and like and comments on their posts on behalf of your page. People whose posts have been applied by bot’s activities will check your page and if your posts are acceptable, they will follow you. The Instagram bot of Instabow contains many settings and filters to help you attract more active followers. Besides Security and comfort, finding real and active followers for Instagram pages, is the most important goal of Instabow. Now a days, Instabow contains maximum customers  between Instagram bots and offers you the best variaties of tools besides the cheapest price.

Follow, Like, Comment, Unfollow

Use all Capabilities to get followers

Instagram bots have some simple but clever ways for getting followers, “curiosity”. Instagram Bots use people’s curiosities for getting them. But how? The main ways of getting followers is to follow others, like their posts or comment on them. Whenever you follow an unknown person or like one of his posts, he will enter your page to check on you and if he likes your posts he will follow you. Most of the Instagram’s bots get followers only by liking or commenting. Also, because of the limitation of number of following in Instagram, you have to unfollow those you followed after a while, and Instabow do this function automatically.

Best Targeting Ideas

What ways do you know for getting followers who are related to your business field or interests? Getting related followers were one of our challenges that we solved that with our targeting system. But How? You can choose 3 target patterns in Instabow: 1. Get other page’s followers 2. Get followers from lovers of a specific Hashtag 3.Get Followers from Location

Other pages

By targeting other pages in the Bot, it will get their followers, by applying activities on their followers. You can get specific followers from any topic you desire.

Hashtag lovers

You can use this option to gain the followers who were also interested in specific hashtags. They may be also interested in your page and follow you as well.


Instagram’s location is one of the tools that determines people’s living area or their presence area. By using this option, you can get followers who are in your demanded area.

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